Research Scientist

  • Permanent contract 
  • Paris-3e-Arrondissement
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  • Intelligence artificielle / Machine Learning, SaaS / Cloud Services

Research Scientist

  • Permanent contract 
  • Paris-3e-Arrondissement
  • Master's Degree
  • > 2 years


Destygo’s mission is to automate 80% of customer support and sales, unleashing team’s potentials by handling repetitive tasks for them so they can focus on high value interactions. To achieve that, we’re building conversational assistants with self-learning capabilities, that improve automatically by analyzing conversations with end-users.

Creation, training and management of our conversational AIs are done directly by business teams with no technical background, on our SaaS platform. Assistants are available through chat and voice on websites, in mobile apps, on Facebook Messenger, via text messages, WhatsApp, etc.


Job description

At Destygo, you will be working on exciting new fields such as Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Reinforcement Learning (RL), leveraging methods from across machine learning and statistical analysis.

As a research scientist, you will have to continuously stay on top of the state of the art in NLU and RL. Reading papers and attending conferences is a very important part of the job, as new research developments might prove essential to developing our business.

You will tackle challenging and exciting problems at the frontiers of machine learning and deep learning. You will need to take into account the complexity of the task at hand (such as generating appropriate and specific answers, or establishing a reliable and meaningful reward function on user conversations), and the peculiarities of a large machine learning pipelines (from GPU training and experimentations to online predictions).

Your models will have a significant impact on the real world. Tens of thousands of users will be affected by your model performance on live bots deployed across the world.

Working at Destygo means access to a large, varied, and clean datasets coming from actual user-facing environments. You will be able to adapt your innovations and the academic state-of-the-art to actual conversations.

As a research scientist, you will be responsible for meeting top researchers across the world in the fields of NLP and RL. You will have to create contacts and foster fruitful exchanges with world-leading universities and research departments.

You will work with a large, highly motivated, and experienced team of fellow data scientists and AI software engineers, with whom you will have the lead in discussing new models and approaches as well as implementation details.

Some reasons why we love our jobs:

  • Work on exciting projects in the fields of artificial intelligence and language understanding, using state-of-the-art models to help users across many different use cases
  • Meet an incredible team of passionate people from different backgrounds (engineering, sales, product management...). Get to know them better during offsite retreats or afterwork events.
  • Share insights on business, tech, processes or any topic that matters to you - this always sparks engaging conversations.
  • Take ownership of your projects, from design to deployment.
  • Keep an eye out on on what happens in the business or the tech world.
  • Stay healthy by eating the fruits that are delivered to our office twice a week or joining our sport teams.
  • Be less healthy while drinking beers or sitting in front of board games.

Preferred experience

  • Extremely strong background in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Reinforcement Learning, with a few years of experience
  • Strong background in academic research (PhD, postdoc, large research teams or laboratories, publications in specialised journals and conferences)
  • Bonus if some experience in putting bleeding-edge academic research into production in a real-world setting with challenging requirements and constraints
  • Team player, love sharing thoughts on a new approach or model, and discussing with team members from various backgrounds in front of a whiteboard

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