✨ Site Reliability Engineer ✨

  • Permanent contract 
  • Paris-3e-Arrondissement
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  • Intelligence artificielle / Machine Learning, SaaS / Cloud Services
  • www.destygo.com

✨ Site Reliability Engineer ✨

  • Permanent contract 
  • Paris-3e-Arrondissement


Destygo’s mission is to automate 80% of customer support and sales, unleashing team’s potentials by handling repetitive tasks for them so they can focus on high value interactions. To achieve that, we’re building conversational assistants with self-learning capabilities, that improve automatically by analyzing conversations with end-users.

Creation, training and management of our conversational AIs are done directly by business teams with no technical background, on our SaaS platform. Assistants are available through chat and voice on websites, in mobile apps, on Facebook Messenger, via text messages, WhatsApp, etc.


Job description

The Destygo Tech team is a small (about 15 members) but rapidly growing team, and we are looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to scale our infrastructure management and deployment processes (we've more than doubled the size of our infrastructure in the last 6 months). Your responsibilities:

  • provide developers with the tooling for efficiently and safely deploying new releases to production
  • ensure the resiliency and availability of our platform
  • accompany the scaling up of our infrastructure, while keeping response times low and infrastructure costs under control
  • automate routine tasks to keep the team velocity high
  • investigate the occasional production issue and perform some day-to-day server management
  • extend our logging, monitoring, tracing and alerting capabilities
  • deploy the necessary measures to keep our client data secure

We face unique challenges due to the extreme customizability of our chatbots, the data protection requirements we guarantee to our clients, and the overall complexity of natural language processing pipelines. When a business team can train by themselves their language understanding models, connect their chatbot with any third party API, and define (very) complex logic for the conversation trees, ensuring that all our bots answer correctly to 100% of incoming messages is no easy task.

An overview of our current stack:

  • We are hosted on Amazon Web Services, with EC2 virtual machines running Amazon Linux
  • Infrastructure as code: Ansible for configuration, Terraform for infrastructure
  • Our databases are based on PostgreSQL (AWS RDS) and MongoDB.
  • Our microservices are written in Python 3, and our main web application in Ruby
  • We also use RabbitMQ, Redis...

Of course, suggesting changes to this stack is part of this job 🙂

Some examples of projects you could be working on:

  • implement new deployments strategies such as canary releases and blue/green deployments
  • add autoscaling to reduce costs while handling traffic bursts
  • lead a security audit of our platform

In any case, you will be free to prioritize the projects you want to tackle according to the business objectives.

Preferred experience

This position requires a background in both software engineering (especially backend development), and Linux system administration. We're open to candidates at any experience level.

We don't require you to be familiar with every technology listed here. Instead, we're looking for candidates that demonstrate enthusiasm and initiative. You have the methodical skills to quickly pinpoint the cause of a production issue, mitigate it, and prevent it from occurring again.

You'll find that members of the Tech team are often in front of whiteboards devising better designs or coaching each other, and we expect you to actively be a part of these discussions.

Bonus points:

  • experience with managing a cloud infrastructure
  • experience with microservices architectures
  • experience with relational databases (especially PostgreSQL) and distributed databases (especially MongoDB)

Are we the company you're looking for?

Some reasons why we love our jobs:

  • Meet an incredible team of passionate people from different backgrounds (engineering, sales, product management...). Get to know them better during offsite retreats or afterwork events.
  • Share insights on business, tech, processes or any topic that matters to you - this always sparks engaging conversations.
  • Take ownership of your projects, from design to deployment.
  • Keep an eye out on on what happens in the business or in the tech world.
  • Stay healthy by eating the fruits that are delivered to our office twice a week or joining our sport teams...
  • ...or become less healthy while drinking beers or sitting in front of board games.

Meet the Destygo team