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Five by Five is an international open innovation consultancy that bridges the divide between large organizations and startups. They help organizations of all stripes understand how startups work, how to work with them and how to work like them.

They were born digital in 2013, built for and by a generation whose default values are responsiveness, agility and collaboration.

Five by Five co-develops with clients and partners to build the solutions they need to transform industries and reimagine their own way of working. They are proactive agents of change in our own community

What they are looking for

At Five by Five, they’re looking for outstanding individuals who are have a firm grasp of the global startup ecosystem and want to bring that energy and innovation to working with their corporate clients.

Problem-solvers at heart, employees should also be fluent in business and product strategy, where the worlds of lean startup, product design and UX are far from foreign.

Employees are outstanding organizers and communicators ready to handle multiple projects and clients while maintaining a special talent for making the technical feel human. They love to write (yes, even for fun) and are at ease presenting in front of both technical and not-so-technical audiences.

Ability to work in English and French is a must, though relative fluency of one of these can vary depending on background.

Also, they’re diploma-agnostic - experience and knowledge counts first and foremost.

Good to know

Ranging from impromptu work apéros and team outings to planned learning lunches with speakers both internal and external, Five by Five finds time to hang out together and build relationships outside the typical office environment.

Add to this regular offsites around France and Europe which allows the team to devote time and energy to taking a step back and look at the big picture - personal and team goals, core company objectives and a heavy dose of teambuilding around the kitchen and dining room tables ensure they come back to clients with new ideas and new perspective.

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