Growth Marketing Specialist

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  • Hôtellerie, Immobilier particulier

Growth Marketing Specialist

  • CDI 
  • Début :  March 4, 2019
  • Paris
  • > 2 ans

À propos

We are Luckey, a 40-employee startup, leader in Airbnb property management in France, and we recently joined Airbnb as its 1st home management company! Our new challenges with Airbnb are very ambitious: we now want to spread our service in the whole world and that starts with the growth and acquisition team.

For the time being, we are a team of 5 people: 1 PPC specialist, 1 content manager, 1 website & data developer, 1 local marketing executive in Canada & 1 head of customer acquisition who manages the team & develops new features.

We are highly efficient with paid ads and growth acquisition funnel. Our CAC is very low in our niche. We have built a highly efficient regional strategy, that has a good impact on SEO, CTR and website CVR - but we run out of leads and want to discover new channels to support the acquisition. You will be the one bringing solutions.

We are searching for someone with a tech & growth background to improve the current paid acquisition strategy, drastically improve our SEO methods and find new ways of generating leads. With the team growing, you will manage the future growth team within the marketing team, and participate of our success as an Airbnb new department.


Descriptif du poste

You’ll join the marketing-growth-acquisition team, to drive existing campaigns and launch new channels, under precise CAC constraints. Your main missions will be:

  • Develop a comprehensive SEO program.
  • Find new ways of generating leads and build a new long-term channel.
  • Upgrade some of our PPC campaigns with new strategies and practices.
  • Target relevant personas to minimise CAC and maximise customer LTV.
  • Participate in the development of a long-term content strategy and develop campaign briefs.
  • Participate in the development of the new Airbnb's HMC landing pages, which will replace our website at the end of the year. The whole acquisition funnel will go through this new LP and new campaigns will be launched.
  • Later on: lead the growth team (Landing pages, Tools...).
  • You'll report to the head of customer acquisition. Together, you will set a strategy for the coming year and take important decisions. You'll have direct responsibilities and a huge impact.

Profil recherché

  • 2 years experience in a growth/marketing team and in lead generation
  • Very good SEO skills
  • PPC skills: Google Ads / Facebook Ads and 1 other ads platform. You can describe one strategy on each platform.
  • Basic code knowledge: HTML/CSS/JS + some Python or Node.js scripts (not necessarily at a high level). You have some use cases to share, even if they are for simple tasks. You are familiar with automating things with a bit of coding.
  • You love numbers. You live to see rates growing.
  • At least one documented growth hack to share
  • English written and spoken
  • Bonus: Data skills (SQL, Python, Data viz softwares…)

Déroulement des entretiens

  • Call or first meeting with the manager
  • 1st round of interviews with the manager and with the HR manager
  • Challenge
  • 2nd round of interviews with the manager and with a marketing team member
  • 3rd round of interviews with a co-founder and another employee

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