DevOps Engineer

  • Permanent contract 
  • Paris
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  • FinTech / InsurTech, Ressources humaines, SaaS / Cloud Services

DevOps Engineer

  • Permanent contract 
  • Salary between €45K and €70K
  • Paris


PayFit digitizes and simplifies payroll management and HR processes for companies. Fast, intuitive and automated, the software-as-a-service solution allows employers to easily manage payroll on its own without any specific knowledge in payroll and save valuable time and money. Employees have access to a dedicated online space for payslips, leave requests, expense report entry and HR data.

Our mission is to support the digital transformation of business’s human resources through a reliable SaaS solution providing a unique experience to its users. We're starting our expansion beyond France into Spain, Italy, Germany and UK. This is a unique opportunity to build the simplest product possible with a massive reach across employees of thousands of European companies.

So far, more than 2500 companies trusted PayFit such as Big Mamma, Heetch, Nestor, Doctolib and Sellsy. To accelerate our development, we raised €19 millions. Our offices are located in downtown Paris and we are now a team of 150 passionate PayFiters !


Job description

Our only focus: Build and provide the best service for companies to handle payroll without outside help and very quickly.

How much time it takes to:
Add a company? 60 seconds
Add an employee? 30 seconds
Generate an employee's payslip? 10 seconds

We built a set of tools the past months to let our payroll team work on the business rules on their own, even making the functional tests in an automated way.
It includes:

  • a language with its LLVM parser (using Jison) used to create all the webapp forms
  • a runner that automagically build these forms for the users
  • a contextual analyser providing the data requirements to the runner

Because of a these tools, you won't deal with the business side ever and you'll just focus on what happen behind the scene. You'll be happy to play with the 500K operations required to generate a payslip and make them complete in < 0.5 second :)

Your main tasks:

  • Improve the global response time of our apis
  • Improve the security of our critical data
  • Improve the apps monitoring and build an efficient alerting system
  • Improve our current infrastructure and optimise the computing time

We use to ship a little something everyday to offer our customers a product continuously improved with some good surprises.

Our current stack:
Front-end - angular, react/redux
Dev build - webpack & babel
Back-end - nodejs (loopback), redis (mainly cache), elastic (indexation & aggregation)
Storage - mongodb (mongo cloud), aws S3
Workers - agenda + agendash, aws Lambda
CI & deploy -, docker cloud
Logs & metrics -, bugsnag

Preferred experience

We're looking for someone that will make our computes crazy fast, the thing that will make our payslip generations instantaneous. You know that milliseconds matter right?

We are 3 in the tech team right now, waiting for new geniuses to join us.
Hoping you already smile by reading these lines, we wait for you to say hi !

Speak to you soon'

Meet the PayFit team