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Nicolas a rejoint l’équipe Smart en juin 2006 en qualité de Directeur Technique.

Il a auparavant pendant 4 ans occupé la fonction d’Ingénieur en développement au sein de l’éditeur de logiciels Ilog.

Nicolas est diplômé de l’École Polytechnique (X97) et de l’ENSEEIHT.

Armen has a 5 years' experience in developing cutting-edge solutions. He joined Smart in November 2016 and is now a key member of Real-Time Bidding core team. Everyday Armen tackles performance and large-scale technical issues to strengthen Smart's main product architecture.

Alexandre a rejoint Smart en tant que TAM en février 2013 en charge du suivi des clients clés de la société.

Après 2 ans à ce poste, il dirige aujourd'hui les équipes Service du Bureau Français dont la mission est d'aider et conseiller leurs clients dans l'utilisation des produits et services mis à leur disposition.

Ils sont sociables


Smart is an AdTech leader created in 2001 on the belief that we can disrupt the on-line advertising industry for publishers.

Headquartered in the heart of Paris and with offices in 10 countries, Smart provides cutting-edge technologies that help hundreds of prestigious customers take back control and maximize their digital revenues with a flexible and transparent audience monetization platform.

We can rely on a unique group of 200+ Smarties focused on excellence to shape our future. They continually embrace change and overcome challenge together to make innovation happen. That means we can offer you endless opportunity to do the same and let you shape the world you want!

Ce qu'ils recherchent

Smart is always on the look for disruptive profiles who strive outside of their comfort zone and think differently to generate meaningful changes.

The company is growing fast and new Smarties are structured talents who loves making things happen through overcoming challenges together.

Smart built its own company culture around 4 key values: Excellence, Transparency, Innovation and Care.

Bon à savoir

Smarties grow in a demanding environment but also have a lot of fun together. If you join us, be ready to:

  • share croissants for breakfast and drinks for end-of-sprints parties
  • take part to monthly events organized by the happiness team
  • chill out in the arcade or quiet rooms
  • attend an amazing yearly seminar under the sun

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