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En 4 ans, Yoopies est devenue la première plateforme sociale de services à domicile en Europe, avec plus de 600 000 profils avec avis et recommandations, permettant de choisir en confiance son intervenant pour la garde d’enfants, le soutien scolaire, l’aide aux seniors, le ménage ou le pet-sitting.

Yoopies Corporate propose par ailleurs aux entreprises et aux administrations des solutions innovantes en matière d’accompagnement de la parentalité des salariés et du bien-être au travail, et compte actuellement une vingtaine de clients (Société Générale, Publicis, Groupe Casino, SNCF, BNP Paribas, Agnès B, …).

Avec Yoopies, plus d'intermédiaires, les familles choisissent directement leurs intervenants recommandés par d'autres collaborateurs, et leurs démarches administratives sont automatisées pour bénéficier des aides financières. Yoopies a inventé une nouvelle offre Parentalité sans équivalent !

Descriptif du poste

We are looking for a revolutionary Head of Product to join our team, who will help create and drive the vision, roadmap, and goals for the product. The product is at the center of everything at Yoopies.

We're not looking for just a Product Manager. We need you to be more than that. This position is a hybrid between: product development and operation/team management.

Your role will entail:
• You will lead the team to develop a conviction of what matters to our customers over time
• You will manage a complex product roadmap with multiple stakeholders
• You will work with the CEO on setting strategic product vision
• You will set the process and cadence for product management as a function company-wide

• You will develop hypotheses for changes we can make to our experience that will positively impact our customers
• You will work on the hole funnel of conversion to increase conversion and engagement of our users
• Working with our customer experience team - thinking through the end to end experience over web, mobile and customer support
• You will understand that customer evangelism is the principle driver of our growth and through talking to customers will develop strategies to inspire our customers to share their experience of Yoopies with their friends

In this role - you will be working with a talented team of product-engineers and designers. You will focus on improving the Yoopies consumer product, and raising the bar for an exceptional product. Your job is to make using Yoopies a life-changing experience for families.

Profil recherché

• Minimum 2 years experience in an top position at a startup/international company with at least 5 years experience in leading teams
• You have an ability to work with a team to develop an inspiring product vision of how you see our product developing
• A proven track record of being able to deliver highly ambitious products. You’ll be ready to show what these are, and how you made it happen.
• You are ambitious and you can envision what the future of Yoopies can be.
• Data-driven. You need to be able to prioritise the value you can add to customers, and get the entire company behind you. Numbers are the best way to do this. You are very rigorous about measuring impact and assessing expected impact.
• You know how to dissociate a bad MVP from a good one.
• You have a strong sense of user experience quality, what you built before demonstrates this.
• Love Sketch (or at least Photoshop) and love creating mockups
• You can inspire developers and designers to think about the consumers.

It goes without saying that you’ll be a part of a fun, friendly atmosphere, with plenty of opportunities to grow personally and professionally !

Déroulement des entretiens

As you might see below, we've made sending us your cover letter optional. This is because at Yoopies, we are more interested in who you are, not what a standard letter shows about you. We are curious to see what is it that you are passionate about and what makes you tick. So, in order for us to get a better sense of you, we’ve thought of three questions we’d like you to answer instead (you can answer either in French or in English):

  1. Please tell us about a product that you've built?
  2. Describe a situation where you have faced a managerial challenge
  3. The reason that you want to work in Yoopies?
  4. Something original or interesting about yourself!