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Nicolas is the CEO of Adomik. After working many years at Orange, one of the world’s largest premium ~sellers~ telecom corporations, and launching their programmatic activity, Nicolas founded Adomik in 2012. As CEO, he is responsible for the overall development and growth of the organization, its financial management and he ensures that the overall strategy is carried out correctly.

Leïla worked for 2 years as a business consultant in San Francisco after graduating from a business school. There, she discovered a new career path: software development! After a technical training, Leïla recently joined Adomik to dive into her new career as a developer.

After her studies in business, Anne-Marjolaine began her career in the healthcare sector, and shortly after joined the Parisian start-up ecosystem. She integrated the Sales team in May 2017. Today, she’s Director of the Account Management team - her biggest challenge is to work their growth and development. Passionate about travel and growing a business, her goal is to strengthen and grow the Adomik client portfolio across Europe.

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Our objective is to resolve the growing complexity of managing digital advertising for all departments in publisher organizations, allowing them to improve their business performance and grow their revenue seamlessly.

Our platform automatically collects advertising data from all monetization partners, normalizes and enriches it with data science to provide holistic reporting, price management, lead generation and dynamic troubleshooting.

We use scalable architecture based on Spark, Scala, Python, React, Ruby, ElasticSearch, Redis, Docker and more. We ingest over 5 terabytes of data on a daily basis, store it and build analytics tools upon it. We also leverage advanced machine-learning technologies for our AI-based tools.

Located in Paris, London, New York and Tokyo, we work with top publishers in more than 20 markets.

What they are looking for

Adomik is looking for resilient problem-solvers who aren’t afraid to test new ideas and do whatever it takes to keep its customers happy and its products on the leading edge. Adomik looks for individuals that take ownership, lead, and exceed expectations. Each new hire at Adomik is expected to raise the overall level of the team.

Joining Adomik at such an early stage is a challenging and exciting opportunity. Adomik's open positions are a good fit for people who enjoy innovating and deal-making and are excited to join a very innovative startup in a fast-moving environment.

Good to know

They like escape games, urban football, music and movie quizzes at lunch, and gathering for beers on random days :)

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