• Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Job Training, SocialTech / GreenTech
  • Paris
  • Year of Founding

  • Employees

  • Average Age

    32 years old
  • Turnover

  • Revenue

    1 280 000 - expected 2019

If everyone could find a job that allowed him or her to grow, then we would live in a society of giants.

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“If everyone could find a job that allowed him or her to grow, then we would live in a society of giants.”

Chance delivers an augmented coaching experience for professional orientation, to guarantee that anyone - whatever his/her social background - can start the job that will make them happy.

Chance results from an encounter in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2014 between Ludovic de Gromard and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus, later joined by Clemence Coghlan. Together, they decided to launch a social business combining advanced psychology and technology, to make world-class professional orientation accessible for all.

More than 5 million euros have been invested in R&D since Chance’s creation, with the support from for the past 4 years, and Facebook since 2018. Chance is recognized as a Research Institute in Human Sciences by the French State. With 5 different nationalities represented, our team works from Station F in Paris, San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro.

What they are looking for

Chance has the ambition to become the first social unicorn in history. That’s why we are looking for candidates who are highly driven by social-impact, highly motivated and highly skilled.

As Chance is all about empowering people to work in a position and in an environment that are aligned with who they are, we are obviously looking for team members who know who they are, and find in Chance an alignment with themselves. Chance can naturally support you in that quest!

Good to know

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus is Chance Honorary Chairman.

Chance is a social movement that gathers a large number of exceptional investors and advisors such as Elena Grewal, Head of Data at Airbnb, Alexander Asseily, co-founder of Jawbone, Francoise Gri, ex CEO IBM France and Manpower France, Arnaud Ferreri, Director of Engineering at Instacart, Robert Dilts, Author and Coaches’ trainer, Jean-Bernard Levy, CEO of EDF, Henri Lachmann, former CEO of Schneider Electric and several fantastic others. We also benefit from the precious support of Google and Facebook teams.

Chance is certified by the French Tech Visa program, and can thus invite non-french citizens to work in Paris with a work visa obtained in 15 days.

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