Darewise Entertainment

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Darewise Entertainment is a VC-backed AAA games studio with one goal: to revolutionize online games.

Based in Paris and led by the creative vision of Viktor Antonov (Valve, Bethesda), David Bowman (Bungie, Telltale, Crytek) and Benjamin Charbit (Ubisoft), we combine international experience and disruptive creativity to deliver the games of tomorrow. Using Unreal Engine 4 and Improbable’s SpatialOS we focus on building gigantic open worlds, where players write their own stories and take fate into their own hands. We create the impossible.

If you dream of pushing the boundaries of online games, then join our international team !

What they are looking for

Darewise Entertainment is looking for passionate, creative individuals who are not afraid of pushing the boundaries of online gaming. The Darewise Difference combines talent with heart, in order to form an extraordinary team.

The ideal team member is enthusiastic, self-motivated, and bold, while also comfortable working in an English-speaking office environment.

The open positions at Darewise are a good fit for people who enjoy innovating with partners all over the world, and are looking for their next adventure in Paris.

Good to know

As a company and team, we strongly believe in the “work hard, play hard” mentality. When we’re not busy creating world-class video games, the Darewise Team enjoys game nights, birthday celebrations, beer gatherings, paintball domination, picnics, and spontaneous office NERF battles.

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