R&D Product Manager

  • Permanent contract 
  • Paris-3e-Arrondissement
  • Telecommuting possible
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  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, SaaS / Cloud Services
  • www.destygo.com

R&D Product Manager

  • Permanent contract 
  • Paris-3e-Arrondissement
  • Telecommuting possible


Destygo’s mission is to automate 80% of customer support and sales, unleashing team’s potentials by handling repetitive tasks for them so they can focus on high value interactions.

To achieve that, we’re building conversational assistants with self-learning capabilities, that improve automatically by analyzing conversations with end-users. Creation, training and management of our conversational AIs are done directly by business teams with no technical background, on our SaaS platform. Assistants are available through chat and voice on websites, in mobile apps, on Facebook Messenger, via text messages, WhatsApp, etc.


Job description

As the R&D Product Manager, your mission will be to ensure the two R&D teams move toward the right business goals and that everyone understands how. At Destygo, we know that the R&D is the thruster of our product and that's why we will expect you to:

  • Make the teams work together in the most efficient way
  • Drive teams' production with business insights and analytics
  • Share achievements and knowledge with the other teams to make R&D projects clear for the entire company

Just to give you a glimpse of what your day-to-day will be like:

  • Discuss with the operation teams to understand our customers and end-users expectations
  • Prioritize the next projects the teams will work on
  • Analyze the conversations between the end users and our bots to identify understanding flaws
  • Measure the impact of flaws and improvements on our end-users
  • Explain to the operation teams the way the new self-evaluation algorithms work
  • Synchronize teams' work to make the pieces fall into place

Preferred experience

Are you the person we’re looking for?

As you are going to steer the boat, know that we are looking for an admiral, and this is what we mean by that:

  • You are efficient. Wasting weeks on a dead end horrifies you and you always make sure the efforts is invested on the right tasks.
  • You are Hermione Granger. You like to learn and you are good at it, no matter how deep the subject.
  • You are a coach. You do your best so that people like what they do and do it at their maximum performances.
  • You are a chess master. Being one step ahead is what you do, and you always keep your plan up-to-date to live up to your commitments.

Here is what we expect to find in your track record:

  • High technical friendliness
    • You know how to make a SQL or a NoSQL database talk
    • Having to make a script or two doesn't frighten you
  • Proven ability to work with different profiles
  • Experience in either Product Management or Agile Coaching
  • Experience in Data Science or R&D is a plus

Are we the company you are looking for?

As a Destygo member, you will never see your involvement restrained and we highly encourage people to:

  • Deep dive in what our products do and how they work
  • Overcome their position boundaries by sharing insights on business, tech, processes or any topic that matters to them
  • Learn what other teams do
  • Keep an eye out on what happens in the business or the tech world
  • Stay healthy by eating the fruits that are delivered to our office twice a week or joining our sports teams
  • Choose to be unhealthy by sitting in front of board games, drinking beers or partying hard!

Recruitment process

📞 Call with our Lead Product Manager
📦 Interview with our Chief Technical Officer and our Lead Product Manager
🚀 Interview with another founder
👍 Reference calls

Meet the Destygo team