Five by Five

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Five by Five is an innovation company. They work with large corporates, their leaders and champions, in transforming their unexplored potential into new business opportunities.

Their innovation programs are created with busy execs and motivated teams in mind, and based in action, agility and collaboration.

They're built for corporates, but not necessarily by corporates. The team comes from different ecosystems— tech, mobility, government, banking, design— whose default is responsiveness, collaboration and human-centricity.

Their passion: be the best wingmen (and women) for innovation champions driving real change inside their organizations.

What they are looking for

Smart, driven and humble individuals who know the corporate and startup ecosystems and are passionate about corporate innovation. Candidates should natural communicators with a talent for understanding and solving complex problems. Excellent writing skills (technical and non-technical), ability to manage multiple projects, knowledge of lean startup, product design and UX, and French language fluency are musts.

Good to know

Five by Five works hard and plays hard. The day-to-day grind consists of team sprints, individual work time, and time-boxed brainstorms. Wednesdays are sacred and dedicated to focus. Mondays and Fridays are days for the team, whether it's the Monday morning standup, a Learning Lunch with invited experts or the tail-end of one of their biannual offsites.

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