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Apart from having founded Sphere 5 years ago, John is connected to an important institutional and technological network. He is a board member of the MEDEF, a contributor for Hyperloop, a member of the Republican Guard (RC) and speaker for many technological events.

On an individual note, John received the double gold medal of the Lépine Competition (2017) for his works as an inventor. At the age of 24, he received an Alumni Achievement Award from UC Irvine (California) where he earned two diplomas in engineering with the Ecole Centrale d'Electronique in Paris.

His vision and background have been recognized by the national / international media as well as a community of experts. John works between San Francisco and Paris for the development of Sphere and newly released Widr.

Helmi, is an alumni of the prestigious “Lycée Pilote” where young proteges attend school and are recruited from an early age. He is one of the best minds of Tunisia, and after receiving his diploma in computer engineering he joined a computer development agency where he acquired skills in the following: back-end, mobile, web, CMS, SEO, UX, architecture, Load Balancing etc …

Helmi is the swiss knife of the team. His full investment in the company coupled with his passion guided by the vision and ethics of Sphere / Widr, makes him an invaluable component of the team. You will rarely meet someone of his level in your professional career.

Helmi is a connoisseur of nature, cinema, and mechanics (National Geographic / Netflix / Grand Tour ...).

Diane is originally a student of medicine, but after discovering Sphere (Paris, Strasbourg, San Francisco) she knew she needed to be a part of the team. Her sense of organization and style of methodological processing that she acquired during her studies have translated very well.

Not only do Diane’s organizational and processing capabilities help structure the company (ex. her process of welcoming employees) but also her strong sense of ethics and capacity for relationship building. She employs these traits when connecting with or establishing new clients and partners such as Google, SNCF, Paris 2024, Maddyness and Positive Planet.

Diane has an immense role to play in the culture of the company: she is in charge of the administrative management of the company and she handles relations with our financial and legal entities. Furthermore, she is the first reference for each of our employees (reception, provision of benefits, explanation of process). Diane has implemented the logistics which allow Sphere to provide apps in less than 48h and for Widr to work with international talent. Diane is at the center of our communication processes, specifically, with our designer (based in Ukraine), our ambassadors (mainly in the US), or our partners (Europe + Switzerland).

In a few words, Diane is the person you can confide in immediately, she is always willing to help. Her ability to connect with people combined with her scientific mode of thought make her a major game changer in the integration and development of our employees at all levels.

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This is the first social network that is GRDP certified and 100% French. At Widr, there are no ads or sales of data. In only a few short weeks, Widr has already gained more than 100k contacts and has reached the status of Series A company.

Widr is a powerful networking tool that allows you to connect with your friends and the friends of your friends. It is based purely on your contacts which allow you to unlock the potential of your network. With Widr, you can discover the reach of your network by viewing the number of contacts you have in other countries through the new DNA feature.

What they are looking for

The CEO, Leader John Banner (Forbes 30under30) works closely with the government officials and surrounds himself with entrepreneurial, autonomous and dedicated minds alike. Widr’s team is a diverse group comprised of members from all different walks of life. They have been recruited for their exceptional professional and personal background and are divided between Paris and San Francisco. This high standard of recruitment has resulted in the hiring of an ex-Amazon, an award-winning designer, an elite engineer from his country, and a mentor often referred to as "Mr. Internet", John Chambers (formerly CEO of Cisco).

Joining them is like joining Facebook in 2004. If you want to be part of a project with a strong impact in the future, send them your applications.

Good to know

  • A three-month incubation is possible in San Francisco
  • Every 3 months, they take stock to improve.
  • Every 1st month of an employee: team lunch
  • Openness of mind and mutual help are their watchwords

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