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Ubeeqo has one mission: revolutionize the way we move, with progressive technology and impressive ease and access.

Yet in our big cities, car ownership is increasingly expensive and restrictive. We all want to drive a car but we do not necessarily want to own one. Here at Ubeeqo our mission is to provide a mobility service to help citizens of all types book from our diverse range of self-serving, round-trip cars. Either for a couple of hours or up to several days at a time. Just as long they are needed, without any of the cost of ownership.

Expanding in Europe, Ubeeqo is a fast growing technology company, part of Europcar Mobility Group.

Joining us offers a unique opportunity to evolve with an ambitious and international company with a boldly entrepreneurial Qulture, comprising amazing people from all around the world. Together we put our hearts into building something special in defining the future of mobility.

So if you've an appetite for business and technology, come take the ride with us.

This is our time. It’s time to ride!

What they are looking for

Ubeeqo is looking for clever and talented people in all sorts of fields, from Marketing to Design and of course in Tech, whose team is always searching for new recruits. As an innovative and dynamic company, Ubeeqo is seeking go-getters, willing to take risks and initiative to make the business thrive. Their philosophy is that the company belongs to all its employees, so being a team player is an essential part of the job, and frankly it’s much more fun this way!

Your voice will always be heard and you will be sure to find opportunities to grow professionally within the company.

If you are looking for international challenges, a fun work environment and great co-workers, read on!

Good to know

Ubeeqo people are unique, but in a good way. Here are four characteristics of a typical Ubeeqo employee:

  • High on caffeine
  • Empowered entrepreneur
  • Caring co-worker
  • Genuinely bad at karaoke

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