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Today, you can order a cab or buy music in 1 click... But to buy a simple white t-shirt, it takes 8 painful steps.

This gruelling experience leads more than 70% of e-shoppers to abandon their cart, resulting in lost revenue for e-merchants.

Oyst changes e-commerce by offering a simplified shopping experience.

With Oyst checkout, e-shoppers buy in one click from any merchant on any page.

Oyst reconnects e-sellers and e-buyers by bringing simplicity back to the online buying process.

Oyst’s vision is to simplify e-commerce. Love a product? In 1 click, it’s yours.

What they are looking for

At Oyst, we are focused on building a strong corporate culture, and are constantly looking for the best talents that are in line with our values:

  • Boldness: we are not afraid to say that we want to radically change e-commerce and the way we buy online.
  • Simplicity: we believe that smart is simple. By yearning for extreme simplicity, we provoke change.
  • Ambitious: we are eternally unsatisfied, we constantly challenge our work to bring more performance to our customers.
  • Passion: we are passionate about our mission and we keep focus.

Good to know

  • Oyst is made up of curious people with an entrepreneurial mindset. You are always encouraged to leave your perimeter and take initiatives.
  • You can act fast and take actions: it's always better to say sorry than to ask and wait for permission
  • Embracing the principles of the lean methodology, we are committed to bring total satisfaction to our merchants.
  • You will develop some serious skills in babyfoot: the team is always looking for new challengers!

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