Data Analytics Teacher Assistant

  • Freelance 
  • Paris
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Ironhack France

Ironhack France

Data Analytics Teacher Assistant

  • Freelance 
  • Starting date:  March 25, 2019
  • Paris
  • > 6 months


Ironhack est une tech school qui prépare aux métiers du numérique.

Elle propose des formations intensives, présentielles, en full time ou part time, en Web Development et UX/UI Design. 8 campus (Madrid, Barcelone, Miami, Paris, Mexico, Berlin, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo), +1500 étudiants formés, 85% de taux de placement des étudiants à 3 mois.

Ironhack France
Ironhack France
Ironhack France
Ironhack France
Ironhack France

Job description

#About the gig

3 months Mission!

At Ironhack we are looking for a full time Teacher Assistant for our brand new Data Analytics Bootcamp, who is not only passionate about data, but also about sharing their knowledge with the next generation of data analysts.

The Teacher Assistant will maintain a close relationship with the students, helping them advance through our intense programs. The perfect TA must be a strong communicator and also very patient, since you’ll need to be able to explain abstract concepts to first-time data analysts.

The job can be combined with freelancing activities, so it should be a perfect fit for a seasoned freelancer who wants to spend 3 months in an amazing environment surrounded by passioned data students:

Teacher Assistant will be responsible for:

  • Helping the Data Analytics students of the course achieve their goals
  • Oversee and mentor their work on a daily basis
  • Taking part in technical interviews for admissions of candidates in the program
  • Help teachers with materials and exercises they have planned
  • Brief and pass knowledge every week from teacher to teacher
  • Overseeing the whole academic experience of an Ironhack bootcamp
  • Providing feedback of the course weekly to the team

Preferred experience

The ideal candidate should:

  • Be passionate about education: although we don’t require previous formal teaching experience, we’re looking for people who enjoy teaching/mentoring
  • Be passionate about Data, with 6 months to 2 years of previous experiences in Data Analytics
  • Understand the importance of Data Visualization
  • Know at least 1 method of Regression analysis
  • Be able to draw the flow-chart according to the code and vice versa
  • Know of Git, MySQL, Python (Pandas, Seaborn libraries)
  • A great communicator: can you be engaging as a teacher?
    * Fluent in both French and English

Recruitment process

  1. Phone screening (20-30' interview)
  2. On-site interviews (90')
  3. Phone call with a cofounder

Meet the Ironhack France team