• Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Software
  • Paris, Bangalore, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo
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    27 years old

An appealing photograph is worth a thousand words !

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Meero’s core mission is to empower photographers to focus on what they love: photography! We take care of the rest by relying on tech and AI.

We are a 3 year old company with already over 450 employees and offices in Paris, NYC, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangalore, and Sydney, and planning to count over 1000 staff members by the end of 2019. Come and join us!

We opened new offices in Paris in January 2019, 4000m2 filled with plants and light. They are just waiting for you ;-)

Started in 2016, Meero allows the 31,000 brands we work with to book photoshoots in the blink of an eye anywhere in the world and have them delivered back fully-edited and ready to use 24 hours later. This is possible thanks to the community of 52,000 photographers that trust and our cutting-edge technology capable of processing photoshoots in a few seconds, when currently a 60 minute photo shoot requires several hours of editing.

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What they are looking for

Meero is looking for talented and fun teammates in various fields (IT / R&D / design / post-production, sales, marketing, business), eager to learn and face the daily challenges of a rocketing startup.

Meero's project is ambitious and require people sharing this desire to succeed to help the company grow and reach their goals. Interest in entrepreneurship and/or photography are really valuable !

Good to know

Our five commandments represent what we do, who we are

We are Fam: what's the point spending all these hours together if we don't have fun?

Loyalty matters: we care about Meero. We are building something meaningful together.

Go fast and Break things: we work quickly.

Give a Shit: details matter, damn it.

Think BIG: each one of us has to always shoot for bigger, faster, better. Always…

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