The 5 Twitter Accounts Node.js Developers Need to Follow, by Matteo Collina

  • February 27, 2019

Matteo Collina shares his recommendations for the Twitter accounts Node.js developers should be keeping track of. A member of the Node.js Foundation Technical Steering Committee, Collina currently works as Principal Architect at the software-consultancy company NearForm. He is also an in-demand speaker at international conferences and co-author of the book Node.js Cookbook, Third Edition.

Tierney Cyren - The improver


Tierney Cyren is a Node.js Community Committee member and former chairperson, as well as a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft. He works tirelessly to improve the Node.js ecosystem.

Thorsten Lorenz - The performance expert


Node.js performance expert Thorsten Lorenz works as a Senior Software Engineer at NodeSource, and is a conference speaker and world traveler. He also dwells in TypeScript.

Fødor Indutny - The io.js pioneer


Fødor Indutny started io.js back in the day and is an expert in all things C++ in Node.js. He is now a Software Engineer at PayPal.

Yang Guo - The fixer


Yang Guo is a Staff Software Engineer at Google, a Node.js Collaborator and a member of the Node.js Diagnostics Working Group. Guo has been working hard the last few months to fix the HashWick vulnerability.

Jordan Harband - The ECMAscript guy


Jordan Harband is a TC39 delegate currently representing Airbnb, as well as a Node.js collaborator. He is also working on making ECMAscript modules a reality.

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Matteo Collina

Principal Architect @ NearForm

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